LÉ Studio offers a wide range of professional personal styling services designed to meet your every wardrobe need. Welcome to a whole new level of luxury. 

If you live in the Washington DC metropolitan region (the district, Virginia or Maryland), we appear on your doorstep like your very own fashion fairy godmother to magically makeover and upgrade your style! And if you aren’t local, transformations are made possible through our virtual styling services.

and we are here to give you that confidence

A wardrobe you are confident in is the best way to Soar, Sparkle & SHine!


(2 hour minimum)
Cleanse baby, cleanse
We go through your closet to get a feel for your aesthetic, retire old/unworn pieces, identify any gaps in your wardrobe, and make suggestions for alterations to existing pieces. Consignment of retired wardrobe is optional. We provide garment & accessory maintenance & repair options for an additional handling fee.

Closet Cleanse

(1 hour minimum)
Let’s talk shop! 
We provide personalized wardrobe recommendations based on your closet cleanse
assessment. We will shop to create your cohesive new look & fill in any gaps in your wardrobe. For a more economical option you can shop our recommendations yourself from your virtual closet link if preferred.

Shopping Recommendations

(2-3 Hours Typically)
Let’s play

This is the really, really fun part! We do a fitting that collectively pairs your personalized shopping recommendations with your existing pieces to create new looks & take photos for your virtual closet! If we handled the online shopping part for you in the previous step, we will bring all new garments to the fitting and handle all returns and exchanges afterwards. If you did your orders we'll make outfits, take photos & upload to your virtual closet!
Light alterations can be outsourced upon request. 

Style Collective

Seasonal Maintenance

(1-2 Hours Typically)
Stay stylin' sis!
We stay up to date each season to review items in your closet, consider the current season and trends, and hand select new items that will complement them. At least two appointments a year are recommended. We are also available via text to provide advice on what to wear, buy and closet upkeep yearlong for no additional fee.

Special Event styling

All eyes on you
We offer styling for special events including birthdays, engagement parties, wedding occasions, charity events, galas and more! After a consult to understand your aesthetic, needs/goals and event focus, we will shop for you and schedule an in-home fitting. We handle all returns and exchanges post fitting. If preferable, we can arrange in store fittings at select stores. Light alterations can be outsourced upon request. 

Travel in style
Think of us as your personal packing assistant. We will administer flat lay photos of all packed outfits, fully accessorized, and upload them to your virtual closet link. Easy to access while away! We will physically pack your suitcase to maximize space and with mindfulness for garments (e.g., wrapping delicates with care). In the process, you’ll learn the art of simplicity and how to travel more efficiently by not overpacking or underpacking. 


virtual Styling

Only an email away
Want to work with LÉ Studio but you aren't physically located in DC? No problem! Our one-on-one virtual styling sessions can take place over video chat. After a consult to figure out what your needs/goals are, we’ll personalize a plan that’s just right for you. You’ll have access to your virtual closet link.
Together we can create the wardrobe of your dreams!

You’ve got this
We offer in-store fitting services for men. After a virtual consult to understand your aesthetic and needs/goals, we will pull items for you from select stores and boutiques. Everything will be set up and ready upon arrival at each fitting. Tailoring will be available on site. Wardrobe alterations delivery is available upon request.

Mens In-Store Fitting

Rena V

Lindsey has a natural talent for using the items in your closet and complementing them with current pieces to update your wardrobe! She has a great ‘eye' to not only see the detail of form, color and type of fabric, but what will work on different body types—tall or short!
I love working with Lindsey!

love working together!

carla v.

Lindsey came to my house and worked with me. First, we went through my closet and got rid of clothes that no longer served me. She helped me decide which to give away and which to consign. The fun started with her second visit. 


Using my own clothes, Lindsey styled me in different outfits, putting together pieces I never could have imagined. Lindsey designs the entire outfit…clothes, shoes, purse and jewelry. The whole package! We came up with about 15 outfits and she uploaded photos to my personal page on her website so I always have access to them. Her service is invaluable.

kimberly p.

Lindsey helped me identify what I wanted and needed in my closet, was the epitome of professionalism, and offers expertise in a way that never makes you feel dumb for not already knowing.

a dream!

Her advice, styling, willingness to go the extra mile, and mastery of how to make everyone look and feel good empowered me to show up in the world in the way that I truly want to.

jody j.

Lindsey knows how to make you look the best for your body type, age and the look you want to achieve. She works seamlessly with your existing wardrobe and helps to put together outfits (things you may not even know work together) with links to various places for purchase. So easy!

so easy!

amy g.

As a business professional, I’ve spent a lot of money on clothes attempting to look my best but repeatedly missed the mark. I did this for years. I knew I wasn’t maximizing my potential. It left me frustrated, uninspired and dissatisfied. 

so easy!

 Now my clothes express who I am without me saying a word. I no longer dread getting ready for events or packing for vacations. I love my wardrobe and look forward to always putting my best foot forward.

With her wide array of experience in the entertainment industry as a seasoned image consultant, Lindsey found herself taking on the role of creative director, consultant producer and stylist for clients growing their own startup businesses. She realized many business owners who don't have a creative background got stuck around how to execute their concept.
In hiring LÉ Studio to handle their creative endeavors clients found it extremely useful to us Lindsey & her team as their advocates in conceptualizing marketing concepts, creating branded content, and producing product shoots etc. 
So how can Lindsey Evans Studio help you? Our role in your next project is simple - to execute your vision by acting as your creative liaison on set. Partnering with you in preproduction, pairing you with experts in our field to bring your brand imagery to life in the true spirit of collaboration! We look forward to speaking with you about your next project!

Partnering with you to
bring your vision to life

Creativity for hire

Creative Direction

Allyson, Thyrst Beauty co.

Lindsey is so talented and creative. My experience in working with her was nothing less than professional and her level of expertise was obvious in her preparation for the shoot . 

so talented!

Her creative direction really helped translate my vision and I would have never been able to put something like that together without her. She has so much experience and that really
Translates in how she handles a project.

Miranda, rabbit skip road

very happy!

Her creative direction really helped translate my vision and I would have never been able to put something like that together without her. She has so much experience which really
translates in how she handles a project.